3. Getting the ball rolling…

It seems that things are starting to look up. I had an interview for a job yesterday and then about 2 hours before it was scheduled, I got an email inviting me for an interview for a better job. I scheduled the second interview for this morning and dazzled them with my sparkling personality. Or.. you know… I was one of three people to apply for the job and, from what they told me, the most qualified. In any case they laughed at my jokes and told me I’m impressive so even if i don’t get the job, I got a nice ego boost.

Using the inertia from my morning dose of narcissism, I decided to take pictures of the earrings I made the other days. My side goal with this blog is to use the things I create to fuel an Etsy store. I’m not expecting to turn a profit, but eventually you run out of people to give things to and I only have so much closet space.

What I need to figure out now is how to create a psuedo-logo for my store. If only I was a graphic designer in another life…

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