6. Where my room is thus far…

Okay, I guess I will put up a real post today after all. Here’s a glimpse of how my bedroom is shaping up thus far….

I love the color I chose for the walls. The pillow cases and duvet cover are both from Urban Outfitters. My little side table and paper lamp are from Ikea. Please note the painter’s tape being used to hold my alarm clock together. I am class, 100% all the way.

Where absolutely no magic happens... not even a little.

The jewelry tree is the most effective method I’ve found thus far to store all my jewelry. I’m looking into the possibility of a jewelry armoire, but I haven’t found one that I’m in love with yet. I like that my jewelry is out in the open. I’d like to eventually make one of those earring holders out of mesh and an old picture frame. It’s nice to have goals in life…. gives me something to work toward.

Everyone needs a night light...

I credit the messy organization of my closet with the fact that I am going through a wardrobe crisis. I’m trying to reorganize the closet in my mind to include all of my clothing and not just the four shirts and two pairs of jeans that I love to wear. You’ll notice that I tend to buy the same styles of things over and over and over again. Tshirts, PJ pants, high heels that I never wear, and brightly colored tank tops.

Yes, it is organized that much on a daily basis. I am a freak.

I have plans for things to put on my walls. Right now I’m just waiting for the semester to be over so I can finish them.

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