15. Too poor to buy what I already have in my pantry

This winter has not been kind to my skin. I blame the whipping winds, the vast amount of yarn that I handle these days and the fact that nine times out of ten the water in my tap comes out scalding hot. (The hot water, while horrible for skin’s moisture retention, is nice when you’re taking a shower to thaw yourself, though.)

A while ago a blog that I read compiled a list of reader submitted homemade skin care recipes. I have always loved sugar scrubs but I have stopped buy them in recent years because a.) I’m poor and b.) I hate buying something that I feel like I could make myself. One of the recipes caught my eyes so I’ve decided to test it out.

From S, via email:

I swear by this stuff, especially during the cruel winter months. I hate
using lotion. It’s too expensive, it takes too long to apply (especially to
your entire body), and it takes way too long to soak in. This has been my
solution to “winter skin” for the past 10 years:

Single Batch Body Scrub Recipe
* Recipe can be doubled.

2 c. brown sugar
2 tbsp white sugar
1 tbsp honey
1/4 c. olive oil

Directions: Blend ingredients with a fork. Start with the brown and white
sugar, then add the olive oil and honey. Store the clumpy mixture in an
unbreakable, water-tight container in your shower. (I use cheap-o
Tupperware.) After your usual cleansing ritual, turn off the water and apply
small handfuls of the scrub to your entire body using circular motions. I’m
not prone to acne, so I even use it on my face. Rinse off (the water will
bead off your skin), and pat dry with a towel.

After 2-3 uses, it cures even my worst winter skin. Then I only need to use
it every other day (or less) to maintain soft, supple skin.

I distributed this recipe among my friends years ago, and at the start of
every winter, they tell me when they make their first batch. Warning: My
husband is quite hairy and tells me this does not rinse easily out of body
hair. However, when he’s desperate (he gets terrible winter skin), he’ll
still use it. It’s *that* good.

I took an old container and modge-podged some construction paper on top of the logo (because as tacky as my haphazard label looks, nothing could bring me to leave what looks like a tub of ranch dip in my shower*).

In hindsight, I should have probably been more patient with my mixing. I added a wee bit more olive oil because I felt like it wasn’t incorporated evenly enough.


So I’ve only used it once, but I really like how it feels on my skin. I anticipate that this will become a regular part of my beauty regime since the olive oil seems to be having a wonderful effect. I would say that you should be careful how hard you’re scrubbing as the sugar is very abrasive and something I plan on doing is lathering on some lotion with skin protection (like a baby lotion or even just A&D ointment) in order to lock the moisture in.

Overall, I’d say this was a successful endeavor and I can’t wait to find more recipes like it.


*Yeah. Ranch dip. I said it. It’s friggin’ delicious with pretzels, okay? Judge my nutritional decisions if you will but at least what I eat tastes good. Not good enough that I would eat it while I showered, but what does taste that good?

4 thoughts on “15. Too poor to buy what I already have in my pantry

  1. 1) i want to try this
    2) i bet you taste and smell delish
    3) never be ashamed of ranch dip. you should try this recipe: get the hidden valley spicy ranch powdered stuff and mix according to directions only instead of sour cream, used plain Greek yogurt. Tastes the same and infinitely fewer calories. I’ve been known to knock it out in 2 sittings…by myself. mmmmm

  2. I have to say this sounds intriguing… let me know how it works after a few applications!!! It’s going to take a lot to get me to lather up with stuff that belongs on a salad and in cookies… haha!

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