25. Finally! More room!

Unfortunately, this whole project dropped off the face of the Earth. This was due mostly to the fact that I just didn’t have the time or the space to work on my little hobby. Although my absence has made me feel like a lump, I’ve also been able to keep my creativity on the back burner. I always do better with things when they’re on the back burner because then my brain can turn it over a few thousand times before I spring to action and complete my idea in a frenzy of activity.

It just so happens the Mr. and I are moving from our little bitty one bedroom and into a two bedroom apartment. Theoretically, the second bedroom will be a shared activity room where his tools and my craft supplies will exist in perfect harmony. Realistically, I will have my crap spread out all over the place like a dog marking its territory. We shall see how long it takes him to catch wise to my masterful plan of occupation. (I’m putting my money on immediately as he will probably read this blog post, being the wonderful and supportive man that he is.)

This extra space comes with perfect timing as we got engaged over the holidays and the extra room will allow us to start setting up house. In other words, I’m finally going to be in a place long enough to decorate! 😀 Here’s a tease of what I’m thinking so far:

  • Living room: teal and red, black accent
  • Kitchen: lime green and teal, red and black accent
  • Bedroom: blues and teals, white and yellow accents
  • Bathroom: who the hell knows?

I’m so excited for all of the blog posts this will give me! Huzzah!


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