18. Tulips and Two-lips


I’m sick of winter. I’m sick of snow, cold toes, and scary highway driving. I bought some tulips the other day because I wanted at least one little part of my life to be springy.

So pretty!

I’ve got a few new ideas for earrings, so those should be coming up soon. I’m also making some pretty good headway on the Mario Blanket. I’ll have pictures up of that soon, too.

17. Assemblog du Jour #2

Is it spring yet?

Actually, I would just settle for a windchill above zero.

I’ve been dreaming about flowers lately. I think I’m going to purchase some tulips to sit in my kitchen. Sometimes you just need to syke yourself out when it comes to the weather and the winter doldrums.

I wish I could purchase everything in this outfit because I would make me feel more springy. Don’t those boots look like they’re just crying out for some mud puddles to stomp around in? Well, maybe not stomp… maybe more of a delicate but jaunty step?

And now for a moment of victory!

I’ve been running around metro Detroit for the last week because of a family emergency. A bright spot in midst of what has been an emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting week is my first ever sale on Etsy. I sold two pairs of my earrings to a lovely man in Alabama for a V-Day gift for his partner. Hooray!

Okay, now to put my nose back into my textbooks. Two big tests on Monday.

5. My etsy store

So I finally started an etsy shop. It has been a goal for a few years now. I don’t know if I’ll sell anything and I don’t really have any clue what I’m doing. If anything, it’ll be a mini lesson in business… and stuff. Or at least, a mini lesson in business in the world of etsy shop.

I don’t have much to say in this entry, but I have a few brewing. I just didn’t want  to wait to talk about my ETSY SHOP so that the THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE reading this can immediately go buy four pairs of earrings.




Am I being subtle enough for you yet?

3. Getting the ball rolling…

It seems that things are starting to look up. I had an interview for a job yesterday and then about 2 hours before it was scheduled, I got an email inviting me for an interview for a better job. I scheduled the second interview for this morning and dazzled them with my sparkling personality. Or.. you know… I was one of three people to apply for the job and, from what they told me, the most qualified. In any case they laughed at my jokes and told me I’m impressive so even if i don’t get the job, I got a nice ego boost.

Using the inertia from my morning dose of narcissism, I decided to take pictures of the earrings I made the other days. My side goal with this blog is to use the things I create to fuel an Etsy store. I’m not expecting to turn a profit, but eventually you run out of people to give things to and I only have so much closet space.

What I need to figure out now is how to create a psuedo-logo for my store. If only I was a graphic designer in another life…

2. Things that inspire me

I’ve been going through somewhat of a creativity drought lately. I’ve recently been able to get back into the place where I can appreciate other people’s expressions of creativity, but I haven’t completely gotten to the place where I can make my own. I’ve been able to randomly stumble upon moments of inspiration, but it has been a long time since I’ve had one of those I’ve-gotta-get-it-done type of visions. You know, the projects that pop into your head and rattle around until they’re fully formed and you can spit them out in one or two sittings?

Lately my head has been filled mostly of numbers and facts and maps and worry. I’ve been arguing both sides of the To Move To Texas or Not debate and quite frankly it has been exhausting. I’m torn between two things that I love and there’s no easy decision on this. Add going to school and constantly looking for a job on top of that inner turmoil and you’ve got an overworked brain and sucked-dry soul. That’s why I started this blog… I need something that will force me to focus on things that I love to do: create things, decorate, fashion, and so much more. I don’t want to lose that part of me like I have so many times before when life has become overwhelming.

So what do I find inspiring?

Strong women and men, bright colors, pictures of things I don’t want to forget, movies that make me happy or sad (or both), books that have characters that I fall in love with, flowers, and the things and people that make me feel like home.

I did make some earrings the other night. They weren’t much, and I’m not totally in love with any of them, but it is a start.