27. Finally, a good hair day.

So when I first moved down here I decided that I couldn’t face the emotional trauma of a bad haircut. Normally I’m not that picky about getting a haircut because a lot of times my nonchalance has worked out for the best. However, being that I was feeling so raw emotionally after moving 1200 miles away from everything I had ever known I didn’t think I could take a repeat of the Florence Henderson Incident of 2008.

This was a very painful time in my life that consisted of a constant ponytail for about 4 months.

So I’ve found a wonderful hair stylist (at a salon with a very impressive website) that is a magician and somehow gets my hair to behave. She’s wonderful, we have great conversations (without any of the awkward silence), and she’s offered to do some volunteer work for the organization I work for. What more could I want? Well, it would be great if she could move into my apartment and style my hair everyday because I am like a monkey with a coconut when it comes to doing my own hair.

Thankfully, my good friend Miss Lyon started talking about argan oil on her blog. I bought the Organix brand of oil and the cream and started using it. My hair didn’t like the oil as much (it just got really static-y but very smooth) but I had a lot better results with the creme. So, enveloped in the high of having relatively well-behaved hair, I purchased the argan shampoo and conditioner.

You might not be able to hear it from here, but whenever you open these bottles a chorus of angels sing.

So now, thanks to wonderful hair products and the best hair-cuttin’ cowgirl I’ve ever met, my morning routine has been cut in half. Instead of spending 20-25 minutes every morning blow drying and straightening and fussing over my hair, I pop out of the shower and let it air dry while I poop the dog and drive to work. Volia! Stress-free hair!

I guess that’s one thing I can cross off the bucket list.