35. Next, on this week’s episode of Hoarders…

Yes, it is organized that much on a daily basis. I am a freak.I miss having this big of a closet to myself.

One of my projects to complete before Beatle arrives was to clean out my two closets. (Well, technically I have 1.5 closets because Mister has some clothing in the other one.) Over the years, I’ve amassed quite the wardrobe comprised of a handful of outfits I wear regularly and then rounded out by a bunch of “back-up” clothing for when I neglect to do my laundry in a timely manner. This strategy has served me well when I didn’t have a washer and dryer on site or when I was unsure of what my next job’s dress code policy would require (Don’t donate those lumpy old black pants! I might need them again!). Now that I’m firmly planted in a house equipped with laundry machines and in a job that I don’t plan on leaving for many years, I believe the time has come to pare down my wardrobe to the items that I actually enjoy wearing. Goodbye, 6 year old black dress that I never wear because I got suckered into purchasing it by a great deal without ever actually having an occasion to don it. Sayonara to the t-shirts that I bought from a fun t-shirt website that turned out to be too short but I couldn’t bear to part with the cute cartoons.  Adios, those few items that I held on to out of desperation that Yes Someday I would be that size again. I still haven’t given up hope about getting my butt back into shape but now I think that I deserve some new threads for my effort.

I have a tendency to hoard things that I think will be beneficial in the future. Old jars, scraps of scrapbook paper, and magazines with articles that I view as valuable litter my life because, in my mind, someday there might be an occasion that I will be able to use them instead of having to buy something new. I blame this habit on my dad, the master of curb shopping who possess numerous articles of clothing that are older than I am (some of which I have pilfered over the years). I’m taking the opportunity to make some big changes while we undergo the biggest little change of all and I’m going to adjust my wardrobe philosophy to reflect who I am now and not the bits and pieces of me that I’ve clung to over the years. I’m about to be a mom! Moms always have their wardrobe pulled together; it’s like one of their super powers!

Besides, there are people in the world who might actually like the never-worn black dress and the funny cartoon t-shirts and they will probably look 1000 times better in them because they either have places to wear them or are not 6′ tall. Why should I deprive these poor articles of clothing the chance to be out in the world? They deserve a life, too!