14. BLAs and Blizzards

So, among my many weird food dislikes are tomatoes. I hate them when they’re cooked and I can sometimes tolerate them when they’re raw as long as they are properly ripe. Recently, I decided to create a Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich that I would actually enjoy. I decided that instead of tomatoes, I would use avocados instead and so the BLA was born. Now, because I goofed, I forgot to buy lettuce and so what I actually consumed was a BA… but I’m assuming you’ll look past that minor detail in the face of my genius.


I know, I won’t be starting a career in food photography anytime soon.

And because I can’t resist commenting on SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011!!

As you probably know (as I’m assuming the only people that read this right now are people I talk to on a regular basis), I will be moving to Texas in a few months. This is how Michigan decided to react to the news: