22. Distractions make the best distractions

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little absent lately. The end of my semester and the GRE are drawing nigh so my face has been firmly planted between the pages of various books. One of my favorite distractions has become Polyvore. It’s like all the best parts of playing Barbies but without the risk of stepping on one of her little plastic shoes!

Sadly, I will probably continue this way until May when everything is over. I promise to resurface once in a while when I come up with an outfit I’m particularly proud of.

Spring is finally starting to … spring. We had 80 degree weather two days ago that has transformed into a beautiful April-like 50-60 range. Jackson and I had a lot of fun running around in the 80 degree heat and then we relaxed with the slider door open for the rest of the day.

Come on, slowpoke! I’ve got things to sniff!

Ahhhh…. this is the life.

17. Assemblog du Jour #2

Is it spring yet?

Actually, I would just settle for a windchill above zero.

I’ve been dreaming about flowers lately. I think I’m going to purchase some tulips to sit in my kitchen. Sometimes you just need to syke yourself out when it comes to the weather and the winter doldrums.

I wish I could purchase everything in this outfit because I would make me feel more springy. Don’t those boots look like they’re just crying out for some mud puddles to stomp around in? Well, maybe not stomp… maybe more of a delicate but jaunty step?

And now for a moment of victory!

I’ve been running around metro Detroit for the last week because of a family emergency. A bright spot in midst of what has been an emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting week is my first ever sale on Etsy. I sold two pairs of my earrings to a lovely man in Alabama for a V-Day gift for his partner. Hooray!

Okay, now to put my nose back into my textbooks. Two big tests on Monday.

12. Janis and Me

When I was growing up I felt that I had been born in the wrong decade; I knew that  my true self belonged in an era of free love and bell bottom jeans. Just about every Halloween of my adolescence was spent dressed up as a hippie. Pretty soon that outfit of work jeans, men’s button down shirts and long, wild hair became my everyday attire. When I was in middle school, I inherited a record player from my grandparents and started to collect records through garage sales, resale shops and my parent’s own collection (which was tragically reduced in a garage sale that happened before I knew the value they possessed). There were three records in heavy rotation at that time: the self-titled Boston album, and two by Janis Joplin (Pearl and In Concert). I adored Janis. I wanted to be Janis. I wanted to have a voice that conveyed so much strong emotion and I wanted to look just as badass when I sang. I wanted to wear layers and layers of seed bead necklaces and jackets with large fur collars. I wanted my life to be as exciting as hers had seemed and I wanted to drive a wildly decorated Porche.

Janis Joplin has been and will always be the ultimate image of cool in my mind.

I’m not able to replicate her fantastic style due to lack of imagination and, honestly, appropriate occasions but there is still an essence I can try to capture. I decided to do my first Assemblog du Jour themed around my love of Janis and the era of Free Love as a belated birthday present to one of the many amazing women that helped me become who I am today.


11. More window shopping..

I had to go to Target yesterday to pick up a couple things and, since I had some free time, decided to meander through the home decor section. This could turn out to be a tragically bad call as I completely fell in love with one of the collections they had rounded up and displayed. Every piece is perfectly coordinated to go with the color I painted my bedroom. Things that I want at Target can be a bit frustrating because they are reasonably priced, yet still somehow out of my budget. Sigh.

But since we’re just window shopping right now, I can show you what I would purchase, if I could purchase…

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8. The first thing I would do if I had lots of money…

I have big feet.

It’s true. There’s no use denying it (although some of my friends have tried). I am a six foot tall woman so it is natural that I have big feet.

Sadly, big feet don’t always get cute shoes.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially bored or sad or melancholy, I take a page from Holly Golightly’s book and window-shop at one of the many shoe websites available. I crave the ability to purchase high end, adorable shoes in my size but sadly I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to justify spending several hundred dollars on a pair of shoes. But if I did…. these ones would be in my shopping cart right now…

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