21. Assemblog du Jour #3: Has Spring sprung yet?

I love this knapsack. I love things that look like they have a history to them and (even though I’m sure the well-worn look was manufactured) this bag just screams “GUESS WHERE I’VE BEEN” to me. I’d love to carry my books in it to class everyday.

I also love these little bird earrings. Marc Jacobs is so good at whimsy.



Spring! by tofufilly featuring low rise straight leg jeans

18. Tulips and Two-lips


I’m sick of winter. I’m sick of snow, cold toes, and scary highway driving. I bought some tulips the other day because I wanted at least one little part of my life to be springy.

So pretty!

I’ve got a few new ideas for earrings, so those should be coming up soon. I’m also making some pretty good headway on the Mario Blanket. I’ll have pictures up of that soon, too.

17. Assemblog du Jour #2

Is it spring yet?

Actually, I would just settle for a windchill above zero.

I’ve been dreaming about flowers lately. I think I’m going to purchase some tulips to sit in my kitchen. Sometimes you just need to syke yourself out when it comes to the weather and the winter doldrums.

I wish I could purchase everything in this outfit because I would make me feel more springy. Don’t those boots look like they’re just crying out for some mud puddles to stomp around in? Well, maybe not stomp… maybe more of a delicate but jaunty step?

And now for a moment of victory!

I’ve been running around metro Detroit for the last week because of a family emergency. A bright spot in midst of what has been an emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting week is my first ever sale on Etsy. I sold two pairs of my earrings to a lovely man in Alabama for a V-Day gift for his partner. Hooray!

Okay, now to put my nose back into my textbooks. Two big tests on Monday.

16. My new best friends

Perfect shelter from the cold

What is better for SNOWPOCALYPSE 2: Electric Boogaloo than some rich chocolate cookies and cold milk? Even better if the milk is in a cute, seasonally appropriate mug.

Seriously? The Man In Texas (hereby known as Z) had better watch out because these cookies are slowly starting to overtake the number one spot in my life. I found them on All Recipes and it has been twoo lub ever since.

I decided to make cookies because I needed to eat a mass amount of sugar increase the temperature of my apartment and the furnace just wasn’t cutting it. I’ve made this recipe a few times and have yet to stick to the actual recipe. The first time I made them I added peanut butter chips in addition to the listed chocolate chips and this time I added a teaspoon of cinnamon because nothing is better than chocolate and cinnamon. My plan for the next time I make them is to use toffee bits.

The only problem with these cookies is that they are one of those baked goods that are so good that I end up giving most of them away in order to avoid eating all of them. May it be the worst thing that ever happens to me, right?


The other item on the list of Z’s competition is a new water bottle that I purchased recently. The CamelBak Better Bottle is amazing. Nay, it is life changing. I have started drinking so much more water because of this bottle because the novelty of the bite valve hasn’t worn off yet and because it is the perfect volume of liquid. Every other water bottle I’ve had before has been too small (8-16ozs).


I’ve always loved my Brita and now it has finally met its missing piece. Between these two, I might actually stay hydrated appropriately this winter. Unless I continue to eat things laden with sugar…. adequate consumption of water can only do so much, you know?

15. Too poor to buy what I already have in my pantry

This winter has not been kind to my skin. I blame the whipping winds, the vast amount of yarn that I handle these days and the fact that nine times out of ten the water in my tap comes out scalding hot. (The hot water, while horrible for skin’s moisture retention, is nice when you’re taking a shower to thaw yourself, though.)

A while ago a blog that I read compiled a list of reader submitted homemade skin care recipes. I have always loved sugar scrubs but I have stopped buy them in recent years because a.) I’m poor and b.) I hate buying something that I feel like I could make myself. One of the recipes caught my eyes so I’ve decided to test it out.

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